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A fast, simple and clean way to take notes on the Mac. The way notes should be.
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sideNote appears as a tab on either the left or right side of your desktop, and you simply click on it to make it appear. Hide sideNote by clicking on the  “sideNote  icon" at the top. If you are working in  full-screen mode, then you can click on the sideNote icon in the menubar In the preferences, you can change the font size and style, the theme color (white or black), where sideNote is placed (left or right), and transparency. Click on the anchor to have sideNote always appear above all windows . Add a new note by pressing the "+" button or by pressing “⌘+ return". Delete a note by selecting the note and pressing the "trash" button, or by pressing “⌘+delete". Edit a note by double-clicking on the note, pressing the "edit" button, or by pressing "return". Finish editing by clicking away from the note, or by pressing "return" three times.
The great thing about sticky-notes is that you can just look at it an know what it's about. No folders, heirarchies or steps to get in the way. They are quick! But, they can get messy. I was tired of having to constantly rearrange sticky-notes on my Mac. Also, didn't want the notes to always be there, and don't even get me started on stickies in dashboard! So, I created sideNote. sideNote is a quick note application that arranges your notes in a list. It automatically saves the date and neatly displays your entire note. It's the way quick notes are supposed to be done. Not to complicated, but just right for jotting something down, or making a quick list.
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Literature lets you search and download articles from Pub-med directly in its search-bar. Import articles and automatically or manually match them to Pub-med You can also create bibliographies , in any one of 100's of styles programmed into Literature. Create notes, highlight, and searchwithin articles or the library.Retina display ready and full-screen mode. If you have questions or concerns please send an email to
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Literature is designed to provide the easiest and the fastest way to search, download, navigate, and cite articles.  We completely reworked Literature from the ground up to increase stability and usability. If you already purchased the older version of Literature, don’t worry, this update is free!!
We dedicated to providing the best experience in managing and reading your research articles. By “we” I mean me and one programmer, so if we (I) am a little late responding to your requests, complaints or questions, please remember I am hard at work trying to address all the unanswered emails.  Literature is a completely independent, self-funded project and we need all the help we can get (design, programming, marketing, funding). If you good at any of these (especially funding) send me a PM 
Some of the new features will include: - New clean design. - Tags. - Smart import wizard. - Bibliography builder. (cite articles in Word). - Inline article-info editing. … and many more
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Literature allows you to search, download, and manage research articles, patents, and legal documents from Pub-med and Google Scholar. Article data is automatically retireved and easy to locate, read, annotate, andexport bibiographic information - which is automatically formated to your choice of hundred of citation styles. Literature offers a clean and efficient interface, with the power of other referencemanagers, but at a fraction of the cost. Availible now for $19.99 USD
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